Matryoshka Wallpapers (Updated for iPhone 4)

Matryoshka Rainy Day iPhone Matryoshka Treats iPhone Matryoshka Research iPhone

Matryoshka Music iPhone Matryoshka Pictures iPhone Matryoshka Leisure iPhone

I’ve created a set of iPhone wallpapers based off of my Matryoshka Icons.  Enjoy!

-Click the images to download-

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6 Responses to “Matryoshka Wallpapers (Updated for iPhone 4)”

  1. Pete Says:

    dig it!

  2. Christy Says:

    So cute! Just downloaded it to my fone! Thank you!

  3. stephen Says:

    these are fantastic! my iPhone looks better already. :)

  4. Mike Says:

    Lovely work.

  5. ashleyTIA Says:

    awesome!! thank you :o )

  6. Kimberly Says:

    I absolutely love these, is there any way you could make more of them (as in the mac desktop icon version of these)? They’re just amazing. Thank you for sharing with us. : )

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